Go Here Build Your Portfolio Using Our Strategies

lantus solostar price walmart Once your brokerage account has been activated, review the open positions for each of the models (Tactical Fixed Income, Global Multi-Asset Income, Factor Rotation, Sector Rotation, International Rotation) to determine which funds we’re holding. For newcomers to  http://potentialmale.com/product/electric-penis-enlargement-pump-enlarge-tool-strong-automatic-penis-suction-strength-penis-extending-for-men-37378/ All Star Investor, the first trades are typically the hardest since you need to get your portfolio aligned with ours.

Options for getting started

Option 1: Jump In

Immediately switch into or buy the currently recommended funds. The downside risk to this option is that a recommendation to sell may be signaled soon afterward and you may have to pay two commission fees in quick succession.

Option 2: Wait for Next Switch

This entails you waiting until we purchase each position in our strategies.  When we signal a switch in one of the holdings, you buy the given position. This allows you to purchase your new funds at the same time our model strategies do. The downside involved with waiting for the next switch is that it may be many weeks or months before the next switch is recommended.  If the current strategy is rising, you could miss out on the gains.

Option 3: Combination / Compromise

Put half of your money into each fund for the recommended positions in the strategy immediately, and invest the remainder as the next switches are signaled.